Deep House Cleaning Services

Providing deep house cleaning services in Arvada, Broomfield, Denver, Lakewood, Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, and all surrounding North Denver Metro Area communities.

Deep House Cleaning Services


Our deep house cleaning services are perfect for those times when your home needs a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning that goes beyond regular maintenance. This comprehensive service covers every nook and cranny, ensuring that even the most hidden and neglected areas are spotless. Our experienced team tackles tough grime, stubborn stains, and built-up dirt in kitchens, bathrooms, and all living spaces.

The benefits of our deep house cleaning services are manifold. Firstly, a deep clean significantly improves the overall hygiene of your home, reducing allergens and bacteria that can contribute to health issues. It also enhances the appearance of your living space, making it more inviting and pleasant. This service is ideal for seasonal cleaning or preparing for special events.

Let our dedicated team handle the deep cleaning so you can enjoy the comfort and satisfaction of a truly clean home.

Top-To-Bottom Deluxe Deep Cleaning

Everything from the Maintenence Cleaning Checklist plus:

  • All Cabinet fronts (washed)
  • All Doors (washed)
  • Light switch plates (washed)
  • Countertops & backsplashes (washed)
  • All sinks (scrubbed/disinfected)
  • Mirrors (washed)
  • Tub/shower & tiles (double scrubbed if build-up)
  • All bathroom counters & fixtures (sanitized)
  • Wastebaskets (emptied/washed/relined)
  • Beds made, 1 set of sheets changed
  • Stairs (vacuumed, wood washed)
  • Floors (vacuumed &/or mopped)
  • Light fixtures (hand washed in place/not removed)
  • Ceiling fan blades (hand washed or wiped)
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Blinds & shutters (dusted and wiped)
  • Moldings & woodwork, window sills, & lock ledges (hand washed or wiped)
  • Baseboards (hand washed or wiped, reachable w/out moving furniture)
  • Lamps & lampshades (dusted or vacuumed w/ attachment)
  • Pictures & knick-knacks (hand wiped)
  • Furniture (polished, fronts, sides, legs)
  • Top of refrigerator (hand washed or wiped)
  • Outside of appliances cleaned / inside microwave
  • Stovetop & drip pans scrubbed

*We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. Higher items will only be dusted w/ an extension duster.

We cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach visible places either by hand or with an extension duster.

We cannot guarantee the results of mini-blind cleaning. Excessive build up may require replacement.

Please allow for some dust resettlement after we leave, we try to limit the dust in the air but cannot prevent this entirely.